Week 8 Summary

Week eight is complete! This week’s work was a bit lighter than previous weeks. Although, I still feel accomplished because my group and I worked on creating our first radio show story! Creating our show was a two week process that incorporated many group discussions and decisions, along with using audio editing software to create audio segments that would be put together to produce the final product. However, we decided we had to leave out the character introductions audio segments that were going to be placed at the beginning of the show due to the time limit. I was a little disappointed about this because I spent quite a bit of time putting that audio segment together so if you still want to give it a listen here it is! I think our group worked really well together and created a good story so, I hope you all tune in to our class radio station and give our story a listen!

I completed a blog post detailing the process we went through this week to complete and finalize our radio show story.

Western Radio Show progress!

If you aren’t able to listen to our show on the class radio,  here is the link so you can still listen to our western murder mystery!

This week/over spring break we were to complete two daily create challenges. The two challenges I completed are below.

Feb. 27,2016 Daily Create

Feb.28, 2016 Daily Create

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  1. I have to say I’m really proud of our group. I think we did a really wonderful job in creating a story and working it to be the best.

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