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This week we began creating a radio show for our class radio, ds106radio. In order to promote our show and radio station I created a poster that hopefully entices people to tune in and give our story a listen. I used this site to create my poster. Our story is a murder mystery that takes place in our little western town. Our radio show revolves around our western characters we created earlier this semester. As such, most of our characters are women. Usually, when people think of old western times, the women were perfect and didn’t make trouble. But, the ladies in our story might be a little different, that is why I inserted the statement of “Don’t mess with the gals of the west!” I used bold text to catch the viewers’ attention and to give them a little information on what I was promoting. I emphasized that it was a western murder mystery story and to tune to our class radio, ds106radio, to hear the story. To emphasize the western theme I saved and uploaded a typical image of what comes to mind when you think of the “west”. I edited the photo into the background of the poster. I then overlapped it with black so I could use white text. By reviewing Vignelli Canon I found that a black background with white text seemed to “pop” out more and catch the readers’ attention more so than other colors. So, I hope my promo poster for our radio show makes you want to tune into ds106radio to help us solve the western murder mystery!

CPSC106 Radio show poster promo picture

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  1. This looks awesome. The composition is really eye-catching and bold, just like the ladies in our story! Honestly it gets me excited about our own show.

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