My Western Character

For one of this week’s tasks we had to create a western character. So, everyone get ready to meet the coolest, smoothest, sweet talkin cowgirl in the Wild West. Her name is Talie. But let me tell you, you don’t want to get on her bad side. She may seem sweet as sugar but, you make one sly comment or commit (or even talk about committing) one illegal action you might as well walk yourself right into your jail cell, it would be a lot less painful for you. Talie is strong in will and knows right from wrong. She was only taught by the best. He pop was the town court judge, while her mum was the picture perfect country wife. Talie has grown up as the only daughter in the family, surrounded by her four brothers. She always strived to be better than her brothers in all their games, including hunting, fighting, and rounding up the cattle. Her mum always nagged her to act more lady like. But, Talie’s nana knew that she would only use her tomboy ways for the greater good and would one day be a better cowgirl than her brothers would be cowboys. Today, she runs the family ranch and keeps watch on town shenanigans, protecting the good and punishing the bad. Everyone knows her game in town, but somehow she can still catch the guilty fools right before they commit their felonies, while providing proof of their plans. So, if you are riding through town for a visit with good old friends or do some proper business, she will gladly welcome you. But, if you have other plans you just might want to watch your back.

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