What is your order?

This week we were required to complete 10 stars worth of audio assignments. In order to fulfill part of this requirement I completed this assignment. For this assignment I was to create a short audio clip acting like I was going through a drive through at McDonalds and I had to use a certain accent. I decided to complete this assignment because it seemed fun and reminded me of when I was little and my friends and I would always try to talk funny. For this assignment I chose to use a southern/western accent. The directions said to be picky in what I order and well, I don’t usually buy anything from fast food restaurants so, I think I was pretty picky. This assignment also reminds me why I am not an actress! To create this assignment I used audacity to record my voice. Overall, this assignment continued to help me practice using audacity and well, definitely made me laugh at myself so, have fun listening!

This assignment was worth two and a half stars adding to the 10 star requirement for the week.

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