Talie’s Documentary

This week I was to complete this mini documentary assignment . I chose to create this documentary about my western character, Talie. You can read more about Talie here. I focused on certain aspects of Talie’s life such as her job, where she lives, what she finds important, and her personality. As such, in this documentary Talie tells the listener about where she lives and what she generally does in a typical day. Talie lives in the small town of Tombstone, Arizona and works on her ranch growing crops and taking care of all of the farm animals. She sells the items she produces on her farm to the local town store. Even though her parents and brothers moved away she is never alone, while she does her work on the ranch and goes into town her trusty steed, Smarty is always by her side. After her daily work is done for the day she heads down to the town saloon to meet and relax with friends. Talie really values her little town, her friends, and family so she keeps an eye out for trouble and tries her hardest to protect what is important to her.

I used Windows Movie Maker to create this documentary video. It shows clips of where Talie lives such as her ranch, her little western town, and certain elements in her life she finds important. I used images within the video that I felt would fit Talie’s appearance and personality. I recorded myself talking as if I were Talie and added sounds from Freesounds.org and imported the recording into the video. I used text, special transitions, and other features to make the video more interesting and dynamic. Lastly, I added a credits slide providing the details of where I obtained some of the images. Then I uploaded it to youtube so I could embed it within this post. The assignment was worth 4 and a half stars contributing to this week’s 16 star requirement.


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  1. This was a really well done assignment! I like the visual effects you put in for transitions and the fact that you had Talie narrate her own story! Excellent work!

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