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An audio assignment we had to complete this week was titled “Sound effects story”.  For this audio assignment I had to create a story using only sound effects. But, to add to the difficulty of this assignment, the story had to be based on my western character, Talie. In order to create Talie’s story I used the site freesounds and the software audacity. I first brainstormed a story that would fit the theme for my character. I then tried to find the sound effects that would fit into my story by using freesounds website. When I found the needed sound effects I downloaded them so I would be able to import them into audacity. This worked pretty well until I had to figure out how to move certain files so they would follow behind the first files. I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure how to do this by reading directions and tips online. I figured out that in order to move files later in the audio sequence I have to select the individual file and use the time shift tool rather than the select tool. As such, I found this assignment quite challenging until I was able to solve that problem. However, once I did learn how to complete that task the assignment ended up being quite fun.

Since my western character is a cowgirl this short clip illustrates her taking a trip down to the bar to spend time with friends. She always rides Smarty (her horse) down to the bar after a long day working at the ranch. Smarty loves to ride down to town with Talie and expresses his happiness by neighing. Once, Talie gets into town she hops off Smarty and begins walking to the bar. When she reaches the bar she opens the door and is greeted and enjoys her time with her friends. Until, a larger commotion starts to breakout but, luckily Talie is there to calm everyone back down, so it returns back to a normal bar level. A little while later Talie is happy and had a great time relaxing with friends but knows she has to go because she has to get up early to work on the ranch. So, she says goodbye to her friends and closes the bar door behind her. She walks back out to Smarty and he neighs in excitement when he sees her. Then they gallop off back home to the ranch.

Below is my soundcloud clip of Talie’s bar adventure.

All sound effect clips I used I obtained from freesounds site:
For the galloping clip: prosounder galloping horse.
For the neighing clip: acclivity neigh2.
For the walking footsteps clip: inspectorj_footstepslight.
For the bar door and light restaurant noise: arnaud-coutancier_village-bar
For the larger noise commotion at the bar: barcelonetasonora_restaurant

This assignment completes 3.5 stars worth of this week’s 8 star requirement.

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  1. This was really cool! I like the story behind it, and I think you represented your thoughts well throughout the audio.

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