My Bucket List! The visual this time!

I chose to complete this visual assignment because the other week I had completed the “My Bucket List” writing assignment. Before I completed that writing assignment I had not thought much about my own bucket list. I set goals for myself but I never really had thought about things I want to accomplish in my life in the form of a bucket list. So, I created a visual of my bucket list to complement my bucket list writing assignment I completed.



To create this photo collage of my bucket list I used photofun and found images that correlated to items on my bucket list. The first image in the top left is one of an inline figure skate. I am an artistic roller skater and at the moment one of the first things on my bucket list is to be able to continue to have the opportunity to compete nationally and internationally. The next image (top right) is of the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy. I love to travel so, the next on my bucket list is to be able to continue to travel around the world to see amazing sites (both historical sites and popular tourist attractions) and experience the different cultures. The image of a corn field represents the next item on my bucket list. Once I graduate and hopefully complete a masters program in an environmentally related field, I will be able to help develop a more environmentally sustainable method to produce high crop yields while, refraining from using excess amount of fertilizer and pesticides and allowing the soil enough time to replenish its own nutrients. The last photo on my collage is of a few dogs. I have always loved animals and when I was little I had wanted to become a veterinarian (but once I figured out I had to operate on animals that career path fell through because I didn’t want to hurt them). But, in the future I would like to be able to find time to volunteer at least once a month at animal shelters to help out these animals.

This assignment was worth 3 and a half stars, contributing to the six stars worth of visual assignments we had to complete this week.

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