Job Hunting!

I chose to complete this assignment because I like to complete assignments that involve my created western character, Talie. For this assignment I had to develop a “fake” resume for a fictional person or character as such, I created a resume for Talie, the western character I created for this course. You can read more about Talie here. I had quite a bit of fun creating her resume. For her background/profile I chose a western themed address and an easy email for her to remember. Her skills and abilities revolve around what she studied and researched while in college and what she has learned by working on a ranch throughout her life. For her experience, I put that she works for the EPA monitoring and regulating pesticide and fertilizer use on surrounding Arizona ranches and farms and she also works on her own ranch. I thought these jobs were fitting for a rancher who majored in Agricultural sciences and Natural Resources. As such, for her schooling I wrote that she attended Purdue University which is a well-known university. Since Talie is the owner and operator of her ranch and sells Milk products to the local stores I figured a good leadership example is that she is the President of her own company, the Talie Smith Milk Company. For references I created a similar western character who owns the Tractor store, named Billy Bob. So, if you are looking for someone who is knowledgeable in Agricultural activities, Talie is your girl! See her resume below!

I used a Microsoft word resume format to create Talie’s resume. This assignment was worth three stars contributing to this week’s 10 star requirement.

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