Highlight Reel of one of my favorite athletes

For this assignment I had to choose one of my favorite athletes and create a highlight reel video. I selected the famous ice skater, Carolina Kostner. She is an Italian figure skater and has been a role model for me since I was little. In 2003, the Figure skating world championships was held in Washington D.C. and I had just begun to take private lessons and was getting into skating so, my mom took me to the practices so I could watch the competitors. I was amazed and thought all of the skaters were great. I was allowed to get some autographs from the skaters. But, when I went to get Carolina’s autograph she was a lot nicer than the other skaters and to this day I remember that and how it made an impact on me. During that practice she was falling all over the place but just kept getting back up and trying again. I have watched her over the years and she continued to improve and become more consistent and as a result her placements improved. Some of her accomplishments include being the 2014 Olympic bronze medalist, 2012 World Champion, and five time European champion. Another reason she has been a role model for me is because at 5’7” she is very tall for a figure skater. Over the years I have been told by some people that I would be too tall to be skater or comments that are similar. But, just like she kept getting back up after each fall on that practice and has persevered, I have learned not to give up or listen to negative criticisms and comments from others who try to discourage me. So, thank you Carolina! Below is a mashup video containing different clips of Carolina Kostner skating. I created it using Windows Movie Maker then uploaded it youtube.

This assignment was worth five stars contributing to the required 16 stars of video assignments for this week.

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