Danny Keys’ NEW album cover!

For this visual assignment I had to create a new interpretation of a classic album cover. I chose to alter the Piano Guys Hits Volume 1 album cover. I really like the music that the Piano Guys have created because most of their songs are very good instrumental versions of today’s popular songs, but they mix them with other famous pieces. For example, a popular song of theirs is titled “Michael Meets Mozart” in which one of Michael Jackson’s hit songs is merged with one of Mozart’s famous pieces of work. Another reason I chose this album cover is because I feel it is a good representation of the western theme of our course due to its background of wide open land. However, an aspect I had to also think about when I chose the classic album cover was this week’s requirement of incorporating one of the created western characters from our class into our assignment. As such, the western character I chose to revolve this album cover around was Danny Keys. You can read more about Danny Keys here, but he is one of the finest piano players in the west. So, my new interpretation of the Piano Guys album cover is for Danny Keys’ new piano album featuring the finest pianist in the wild west (Danny Keys), our class course as the audio company, and the western theme.

In order to create my album cover for Danny Keys I took the Piano Guys Hits Volume 1 and edited it. I used canva.com to alter the image. I first chose a format that I thought would best fit the album cover then I uploaded the Piano Guys version. I then, implemented text, altered the colors, and changed the font to represent an album cover for the pianist Danny Keys.

This assignment was worth two and a half stars.

CPSC106 Album cover makeover visual assignment pic

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  1. This is so cool! I knew we would be incorporating each other’s characters into our assignments this week, but I admit I was still really startled by seeing Danny somewhere else on the site. Good job with the editing! This is definitely something Danny would want to do.

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