A day in the life of Talie the cowgirl

I completed this audio assignment based on my western themed character. Earlier this semester we created a character that would fit into the western theme. As such, the character I created is a western cowgirl named Talie. You can read more about here here. But, for this assignment she walks you through her daily routine. To create this audio assignment I used audacity and the site Freesounds.org for sound effects.

To start off her day Talie wakes up to the roosters call and gets dressed and ready for the day. She eats a quick breakfast of cereal and off she goes to do her daily jobs on the ranch. She took over her parents’ ranch when they decided to retire and move into town. Her brothers left and moved out of their little western town and into the city a few years back so she is in charge. But, Talie loves it on the ranch with the animals, fresh air, and wide open space. She first stops at the stables to take care of the horses and pick up her partner in crime, Smarty. Then she takes care of the rest of the animals, such as the chickens, pigs, and cows. Once she has that complete depending on the time of year she checks the crops and soil, making sure they are getting enough water and nutrients. Then she goes back and milks the cows. Once she has milked the cows she takes that milk and rides Smarty down into town to sell it to the store. While in town she greets and talks to all of the town residents and keeps her eyes peeled for any trouble that is brewing. After that she heads back home to the ranch to tend to the animals once more and put them away for the night (except for Smarty of course). Later in the evening she heads back down to town to pick up her money from the store and heads over to the town saloon to catch up with her friends. Then she rides Smarty home and gives her a special snack and then Talie heads off to bed to prepare for the next day.

This audio assignment was worth two and a half stars adding to this week’s 10 star audio assignment requirement.

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