Week 15-The Final Summary

This week, for our final project, we were to create a story using some of the different forms media we learned about this semester. I chose to revolve my story around my created western character, Talie. I felt this was a great way to tie everything we learned about this semester into one assignment. You can read my story about Talie tilted, “Talie’s Wild West Adventures” here.

In order to complete my story I had to incorporate some additional assignments. You can see these assignments below:

Event Advertisement

Fundraiser Event Poster

I really enjoyed this course and feel I learned a great deal about different forms of media. I now have a much better understanding on how to utilize the values offered by these different forms of media. Below are just a few words of advice to future computer science 106 students so they will also be able to reap the benefits from the course.

My advice to future ds106 students


Talie’s Wild West Adventures!

The final assignment for this semester was to tell a story using multiple forms of media such as video, design, audio, visuals, web, etc. I felt this final project was a great way to tie together all of the different aspects of media I learned about throughout the semester. As such, for my story I chose to revolve it around my western character I created, named Talie. I decided to write it as if Talie was the narrator of the story and base it from her perspective. The story is about Talie tackling new adventures and activities because she is becoming bored of her everyday routine in her little western town. In order to complete the story, I used both previous assignments and new assignments to keep the story entertaining and fulfill the needed star requirement. Hope you enjoy!


Howdy y’all! My name is Talie and I am a smooth, sweet talkin cowgirl of the wild west! I live in the little western town of Tombstone, Arizona. Let me just start off and tell you that I may seem sweet as sugar but you don’t want to get on my bad side. I love it out here in the wild west and the people in my small town so, you make one sly comment or commit (or even talk about committing) one illegal action you might as well walk yourself right into your jail cell, it would be a lot less painful for you. I am strong in will and know right from wrong. I was only taught by the best. I have taken over the farm from my ma and pa so, I run the family ranch and the family milk business. I also keep watch on town shenanigans, protecting the good and punishing the bad. Everyone knows my game in town, but I can still catch the guilty fools right before they commit their felonies, while providing proof of their plans. Which is great for our town because we take justice seriously out in the west. So, if you are riding through town for a visit with good old friends or do some proper business, you are gladly welcomed. But, if you have other plans you just might want to watch your back.

The below clip shows you my little town and a bit about me and my every day routine:

However, recently I was unable to stop a horrible crime from being committed. My buddy, Johnny, who was the local bartender at the town saloon was murdered. This wrongdoing rocked our little town, it brought all of my friends and town citizens closer together and helped us realize how precious life is. But, I have been experiencing some troubles these days because of this catastrophic event. Up until now I have been able to continue with my typical every day routine and carry on but, I just can’t seem to endure it any longer. I have come to the decision that I need to change my daily routine for two reasons, one: to help myself overcome this horrid event, and two because if I add something different I may possibly not feel so gloomy and burned out. Since I cannot change my work routine on the ranch, I have opted to take out the time I would spend at the saloon every day and spend that time on new activities and adventures!

My first adventure!

I was walking down to the local store to give the milk produced on my ranch to the local town store (which is very good for you by the way—check out my radio commercial and grab yourself some milk!)

Well, now that you have had your milk for the day we can continue! I was walking down around town and was thinking of what activity I could partake in this evening during my general time at the saloon and I saw the below poster! I thought it would be a great activity to try because it would include fun and exercise!

CPSC106 Event advertisement Roll R Way! Wild Westen Roller Night

So, I rode on down to the roller rink on my horse Smarty, who nickered and neighed all the way because she doesn’t like change, but I kept telling her sometimes change is good and needed. I was a bit nervous because it had been years since I had changed my every day routine. So, I took a deep breath and walked into the roller rink. They let me come in even though I was a little early for the advertised session and I was really lucky to see the end of the artistic skating club’s practice, there were kids spinning and jumping on roller skates! It was so awesome to see! I even videoed a little clip of it!

Seeing those skaters really motivated me! When the session started and I got my skates on, I was going to try the elements they were doing. Well…..that wasn’t such a good idea! I fell and rolled many, many times just like a tumbleweed. But, I had an absolute blast! Once I finished up at the rink I headed back to the ranch. I actually felt much better than I had in a long time. Well, I guess since Johnny’s death. So, I think changing up my daily routine is a good idea to help me move on. Now, just to figure out my next adventure!

Adventure number two!

I guess walking down to town is one of the best ways to find out about new events happening in our tiny western town. Posted to the old telephone pole was this poster:

CPSC106 Fundraiser event advertisment

It was a running marathon! I had always wanted to participate in one of those and thought why not! It was a fundraiser for the town’s local band to travel to Band Nationals. So, I figured by participating in this event I could continue with my idea of new adventures AND at the same time help out the best little town in the west! So, I participated in the marathon and I feel even better! I think I am getting back to my old upbeat self!

While I was at the fundraiser marathon I overheard some people telling jokes so, I decided to make up some of my own. What do you think?

Well, I hoped you found that little break funny! Anyway, onto adventure three!

Since I enjoyed my second adventure so much and I loved how it helped me while at the same time benefited my town, I decided to take on a new adventure that would provide the town’s children with a fun activity. So, I contacted my pal, Agnus, to see if she wanted to undertake this adventure with me and guess what–she did! I love my horse, Smarty, as well as the other horses on my ranch so, I thought it would be a great idea to be able to provide the joys and thrills of riding horses to the younger children of the town. You can see our advertisement below! Hope you send your kids up to my ranch to participate!

The Wild west riding camp! CPSC106 visual assignment

What do you know! The camp was a success and everyone had fun! I am thankful that I was able to provide this opportunity for our town children. These new adventures continue to keep me occupied and help me come to terms with Johnny’s death, and help me realize the many benefits and activities our town provides. I don’t know how I was becoming bored with my everyday routine in my little town! I am so glad I have decided to take on a new adventure or activity every day! You definitely won’t get bored if you come visit my little western town of Tombstone, Arizona! Hope to see y’all here soon!

Just one more thing—I have decided to create a little TV series to document all of my adventures so you can continue to follow along! Hope you tune in and ride along for my new adventures! Yeehaw!!

FullSizeRender (42)

Fundraiser Event Poster

I decided to complete this assignment so I could incorporate it into my final project story. In my story, my created western character, Talie, is feeling down and looking for things to do to change her daily routine. She recently came across an advertisement for a running marathon that would help send the local town band to nationals. So, she decided to participate! You can see the poster that caught her eye below:

CPSC106 Fundraiser event advertisment

I created this Fundraiser event poster using Canva.com.

Event Advertisement

I decided to complete this assignment so I would be able to include it in my Final Project story. I am revolving my story around my created western character, Talie. In this story, Talie has become bored of her everyday routine and has not felt like her normal self because of a recent town crime. So, she has decided to take on new adventures and activities. By completing this assignment I will be able to include it into my story to show the readers about an upcoming event that Talie will take on as an adventure!

I used canva.com to help me create this advertisement.

CPSC106 Event advertisement Roll R Way! Wild Westen Roller Night

My advice to future ds106 students

Future DS106 students,

I found this course, Computer Science 106, to be very insightful and practical in that I have learned many skills that I can apply to my personal life, as well as my parents’ business. There are many benefits provided by taking this course, but there are just a few things you have to take into account in order to obtain these benefits and be successful. First, you must realize that the assignments within this course are very time consuming. So, you must plan ahead and ensure you have a sufficient amount of time to complete your work. If you run into a problem you can always ask the Professor or the help center and still be able to complete assignments on time if you start early. In this course, you will have to complete assignments from the assignment bank. If you choose an assignment that you are having trouble completing, you can look at the details page and on the right side you will see an area where it says “Tutorials so far”. Below that caption there should be blog posts completed by other ds106 students to help you and show you how you can complete the specific assignment and what tools, websites, or applications would be helpful. Another thing I found very helpful throughout the semester was reading other students’ blog posts. By doing so, I gained different perspectives on readings, assignments, and other review materials that I was able to apply to my work which allowed me to have a better understanding on certain activities and improve my assignments. So, I feel it is extremely helpful to read others’ posts and ask questions if you get stuck! This course can be very fun and allows you to express your creativity through your work, but in order to reap the benefits you have to make sure you don’t wait to the last minute! Good luck and have fun!

Talie’s Wild Western Adventures!

I believe that this final project is a great way for me to showcase in one assignment the different forms of media I have learned how to use this semester. I feel throughout this course I have learned a great deal on how to utilize the values that are provided by the different forms of media such as audio, video, deign, etc. As such, for my final project I will complete certain assignments from the different media categories that will fit into my storyline and enhance the effects of my story. I will use some of my previous work but I will complete new assignments that I will incorporate into my story. I plan on using audio, video, web, and design assignments but I may use additional forms of media as well. Hopefully by using these different forms of media my story will grab the readers’ attention and keep them entertained throughout the entire story.

For my story, I plan on incorporating the western theme of the course by revolving the story around my created western character, Talie. I have decided the title will be “Talie’s Wild Western Adventures”. I will first introduce the audience to my character, where she lives, and her daily activities. I also intend on incorporating some of the characters and events that were in my group’s radio show. However, the main segment of the story will revolve around how Talie feels tired and bored of her everyday life. Even though she loves working on the ranch and living in her little town, she is tired of doing the same activities every day. So, my story will take the reader through a few different adventures and activities that Talie decides to take on to “expand her horizons” and diversify her everyday typical life in her little town of Tombstone, Arizona. I plan on completing an assignment for each of Talie’s adventures that I can incorporate into my story that will hopefully make it more enjoyable for the reader. Please let me know your thoughts about my plan!

Week 13 Summary

This week was web week! I found a few of these assignments to be harder than previous assignment types. However, some of them were pretty fun to complete. The one that I thought was going to be very difficult was the assignment titled “Storytelling within the web” where I was required to intervene in an actual html site and alter it to create my own webpage! But, luckily it did not turn out to be as difficult as I had originally thought. So, you can check out my Netflix webpage in my blog post below!

Storytelling within the web: Talie’s Wild West Show!

This week we were required to complete 10 more stars worth of web assignments. So, I completed the following:

Job Hunting!

The Triangle Tool!

My Dream Room!

I generally complete two or three daily create challenges a week and post each one to my blog. But, this week we were to complete three daily create challenges and instead of post them individually to my blog, I had to create a connected story incorporating all three of my daily creates. Below, you can read my daily create creation!

My Daily Create Story

Storytelling within the web: Talie’s Wild West Show!

This week we focused on web related assignments. As such, one of the required assignments to complete was the assignment titled “Storytelling within the web”. This assignment required me to alter an existing webpage and intervene in the html of the site. So, I had decided that this would be the last assignment I would complete this week because it seemed like it was going to be pretty difficult, given I am not the best computer/internet technician. However, I was pleasantly surprised it was not as difficult as I had anticipated. I first followed the step by step guide provide by the professor on the class site and I was able to install X-Ray Goggles. Once I had X-Ray Goggles installed and added as a bookmark I was able to alter any webpage. The key step that helped me quite a bit was the tutorial provided by X-Ray Goggles on how to alter webpages. The tutorial helped me understand how to change different areas of the webpage and then publish it so my new webpage that I created would have its own weblink address.

The webpage I chose to alter was a Netflix webpage. I decided on a Netflix webpage because it is a pretty popular website and provides a variety of shows and movies to its viewers. Since this course’s theme is a western genre I chose to create a TV show involving my created western character, Talie. I used X-Ray Goggles to alter the webpage and added my own description of the show, type of show, year it came out, who it is starring, and changed a few other aspects. It appears as if the viewer (P.Bond) has searched a show with “cow” leading to cowgirl or cowboy shows. The viewer has clicked on one of Talie’s Wild West Town episodes and is thinking about watching one of the action packed and funny episodes! Don’t worry you too, can watch an episode and read the description of Talie’s Wild West Town by visiting this webpage!

FullSizeRender (42)


My Dream Room!

This assignment seemed like a fun one to complete. It required me to create my dream room using pictures from pinterest. In order to complete this assignment the first step I had to do was create a Pinterest account. That was pretty simple but, then I had to figure out how it all worked. I figured out that I had to create a new “board” to be able to add or “pin” pictures. So, I titled the board “Dream Room” and began pinning pictures that I thought would help build my dream room. To start my dream room board I keyed into the pinterest search “purple room”. I chose this search because my favorite color is purple and I have always thought it would be cool to have a color coordinated room. As such, I feel the photos I pinned to my dream room board reflect this idea. First, I chose a picture of a room with walls that were painted in light purple and the curtains and pillows matched in color. The other main color in this room was white and I really liked the combination of these colors. So, for the other pictures I pinned, I chose to stay with the white and purple theme. I pinned a picture of a Monarch Butterfly chandelier that was purple and white because I love butterflies and it reminds me of my grandmother who also loved butterflies. Next, I decided to find an image of a large desk that would fit the theme of my dream room. Once I did find one I liked, I pinned the image to my board. In my dream room I would definitely have a large desk because the one I have now always seems too small to be able to do my work. This is because when I sit down to complete homework there never seems to be enough room to spread my papers out and have my computer on the desk at the same time which makes it difficult to get work done. So, I think a large desk would help solve this problem. Other images I pinned stuck with the purple and white theme of my dream room and I felt would fit nicely. Some of the items would provide useful functions such as, the purple drawer set, but other images such as the glitter outlet plate I feel would just add a bit to the room. You can see my dream room below!

By completing this assignment I found that you can really spend a lot of time on pinterest and not realize it! The pictures just continue to pop up and seem endless! However, I learned a lot about the pinterest site and found this assignment to be pretty fun. This assignment was worth three and a half stars contributing to this week’s 10 star requirement.


The Triangle Tool!

I chose to complete this assignment because the image of the paint brush sparked some good memories for me. The image reminded me of a painting software that I used while in elementary school during computer time and I always enjoyed my time playing with it. So, I thought it would be fun to try to find a similar online computer art tool. So, while completing my daily create the other day I found the online tool I wanted share with you. I call it the Triangle painter! It is very similar to the painting software I previously used but instead of painting just lines, it will only paint using triangles. It is really fun to use and actually for me, when I gave it a try it was a nice little break that I found to be relaxing. The triangle tool can be found here and you can give it a try! It is a pretty simple and straight forward tool to use. As such, in order to use it you first must choose the size of your triangle grid for your image, then you can choose the color you would like to start your piece of artwork with. You do this by clicking in the lower left corner where you see the square box of color (typically black when you open up the tool). Once you click on this, a box should pop up that provides you with many more color options. Once you have your chosen color you can begin painting and to change the color just go back and click on the color box in the corner. If you make a mistake don’t worry, you won’t have to start over. Just use the eraser by clicking on the eraser icon next to the color box in the left corner of the screen. It may seem simple to draw what you would like, but by only painting triangles it makes it a bit trickier to paint what you were aiming for! This tool is great if you need to create a small image or painting for a class assignment or if you just want to take a few minutes to relax and have a little fun. To give you an idea of what a picture created by this tool would look like I added an image below that I created using the triangle tool!

This assignment was worth three and a half stars contributing to this week’s 10 star requirement.

CPSC106 Apil 10 daily create image using triangles